Privé Society’s status as the premier global lifestyle management brand is achieved through our team of expert associates. We hold our employees to a standard equal to the unparalleled services we deliver. We are committed to providing personalized service with the highest caliber of integrity and excellence. Our amazing team is comprised of highly organized and detail-oriented professionals, each of whom bring a unique dynamic to the company. Privé Society hires candidates who are cultured, educated and knowledgeable about the city where they are based and who have an understanding of the realities of global luxury & leisure travel, lifestyle, dining, entertainment, the arts and the market.

To achieve this unique stable of outstanding personnel, Privé Society employs a rigorous recruitment and extensive training program; only 4 out of 100 candidates typically make it to the final stages of process. Our associates receive customizable benefits that are highly competitive in each local market. Depending on the position, we offer a flexible work environment so you can work where and how it makes sense for you, without ever compromising quality.